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The Art of Dreaming Awake.

Enter a state of Dreaming Awake and transform your life.
Follow your Vision Quest and make your dreams come true.

Slow down and relax. Breath slower and deeper, into your belly. Close your eyes.
Direct your attention to the edge between waking and sleeping. Silence your mind.
Become aware of your breathing and the flow of energy within your energy body.
Sense the Universal Intent. Meditate on your Vision Quest. Let dreams come true.
Follow your Dream Guides and let your highest and brightest intentions surface.

Develop your own DreamTime Reality and download it into your normal daily life.
Share it with friends and colleagues, and communicate it trough all available media.

Inner Silence
is the Door of Perception, the Gateway to the DreamTime Awakening.
In this state your intentions and imaginations have a profound effect on the universe.
Expect the impact and feedback of your dreams to surface from the sea of synchronicity,
within your daily life.
Research the United States of eXPerience and develop your gift to
shift your attention to enjoyable - Peak eXPeriences and High Performance - states.
Being in Dreaming

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