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Welcome to the DreamTime eXPerience.

Change your State of Mind and Update your Reality to Version 3.0.
Information technology transforms reality in updates. Are you ready for Reality 3.0?
Welcome to the Dream Age. In the DreamTime eXPerience we integrate Virtual Reality
and Mind Technology. It's a powerful instrument to train your attention in a playful way.

Shift your Attention to the DreamTime and learn to Dream Awake.
The DreamTime eXPerience is created by multimedia artist and techno shaman Don Renaro.
His work induces a state of Inner Silence and opens a window to wonderful dreamlike states.
His Mandala Bead Games and
DreamTime Art Performances challenge the imagination, and make us dream about the future, and Reality version 9.0.

Earth : DreamTime Interface and Technology.
Water : Gaia : Mother Earth Goddess Dreams.
Air : Mandala Temple and Tunnel Dreams.
Fire : DreamTime Art, Games and Training.
Alchemy : The Art of Dreaming Awake.

Magister Ludi Don Renaro

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