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Energy Alchemy Game
Welcome to the Energy Alchemy Game.

Transform your Reality in the Alchemy of the Energies of the Elements.
The Energy Alchemy Game is a powerful mix of actions, emotions, visions and meditations.
They will help you to become aware of energy, as it flows trough your energy body and trough
the universe. You learn to sense, handle, exchange and transform the energies of the elements.

Celestial Circulation of energy in the Energy Body.
The intensity of your experience of being, here and now, depends on
the quality and quantity of the energies flowing trough your energy body,
and its connection with the cosmic energy fields, the Great Spirit, the Tao.
Playing the Energy Alchemy Game will help you to restore and increase your
health, joy, happiness, compassion, ecstasy, peace, wisdom and freedom.

- Earth Energy Alchemy - Nature Meditations - Energy Dance.
Water - Water Energy Alchemy - Integrate Sexuality and Spirituality.
Air - Air Energy Alchemy - Dreaming Awake and the DreamTime XP.
Fire - Fire Energy Alchemy - Universal Energy Transformations.
Alchemy - Alchemy of the Energies of the Elements.

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