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Welcome to the Element Master Game.

eXPerience the Magic, Myth and Mystery of the Mandala Bead Games.
Mandala Bead Games are based on the magic dance of the four natural elements. Earth, Water,
Fire and Air interact and synthesize in the Alchemy of the Energies or Qualities of the Elements. This universal transformation and integration process is expressed, in the mysterious web of the multi layered and parallel realities of human experience, and in all the games that we develop.
Our intent is to create and share universal transformation tools, techniques and experiences.
We invite you to play our games anytime, anywhere, with everyone who likes to join.

Realize your Vision Quest in the Element Master Role Playing Game.
The Element Master Game is the role playing part of the Mandala Bead Games. Players with
different qualities organize in Mandala Groups. Together they direct the actions in the games,
and complete their personal and collective vision quest. In a playful way
they transform and transcend, and become the Masters of the Elements.

Discover the Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Alchemy Masters within
and around you, and mix your own personal Element Master Mandala.

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