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Mandala Bead Games Energy Alchemy Mystery.

Energy Alchemy
is based on the transformation of energy in the Energy Body. We are learning how to become an open channel for the Universal Energy. We are learning how to let this cosmic energy circulate in our personal energy bodies to heal ourselves. We are learning how to radiate this energy to heal other people, and help them to find their way into the light and the bliss of their connection with the universal energy or Chi. We become aware of our energy bodies and
our personal links to the Universal Energy Fields (Zero Point Field – quantum – light – reality).

Mandala Bead Game Players in Second Life have an Aura, reflecting their actual state. It grows and changes shape, color and animation, as the players evolve in the game, and gain more control over their internal state shifting process, in the spectrum of the United States of eXPerience.

Within group meditations, we try to tune in to a collective Awakened Mind
state, by tuning our personal energy bodies to blend, in a harmonious and
beautiful group aura. Entering a state of Inner Silence and Awareness
opens the gates to the Dream Time. We are learning to dream awake,
and to dream together, sharing the same dreams. We are learning to
feel and see energy as it flows trough our selves and trough the universe.
We remember and rediscover the source of our being, our Spiritual Reality.
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