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The 3VJ Project is inspired by the colaboration of the multimedia artist
Don Renaro, and the brilliant J3D software, developed by Jos Mulders.

The J3D software is a realtime 3D Engine that reponds to a number
of astonishing inputs. They range from keyboards, mouse and gamepads
to sound and to brainwaves from the MindSurfer of the Mind Connection.

I created a number of interactive visual compositions with this amazing software that can be used in VJ Performances and VJ Clip Compositions.

The the sound spectrum is filtered to a number of contol signals
that are used to animate the objects, shapes, colors, materials,
cameras and lights. With the manual inputs you can control a number
of decor and light presets and a number of camera path animations.

The 3VJ Platform is very flexible and interactive instrument
for the creation of amazing dream like virtual worlds and visions.
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3VJ Project
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We invite sound artists, musicians, DJ's and other parties
to contact Don Renaro and see if there is enough synergy to
initiate collective performances and/or 3VJ Clip compositions.
3VJ Project Logo
3VJ Project