Universal HandShake Ritual
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The Universal HandShake Ritual revealed itself to the Mandala Group
around the new milennium. Since then we practice it at all our meetings and celebrations. It is a beatiful way to be in silence together and tune in to
the group energy field and its connections to the universal energy fields.

We invite you to try it with your friends and integrate it in your life.
You can practice the Universal HandShake with two to about ten people.
The right hands grab together in the center. Thumbs touch and point up.
The left hands are on the shoulders. Breath slow, deep and synchronous.

Silence your minds and direct your attention to your body and senses.
Become aware of the Celestial Circulation of energy in your Energy Body.
Become aware of the spiraling group energy field and its cosmic connections.
Embrace every opportunity to share, enjoy and deepen the eXPerience.
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