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Air Energy Session - Dreaming
eXPerience the Air Energy in your Head and Mind

DreamTime eXPerience - Dreaming Awake – Dream Body - Dream Voice - Dream Guides - Dream Gates. Multimedia : Virtual Reality, Avatars and
playing the Mandala Bead Games and Energy Alchemy Game in Second Life.
The Mind Connection, Neurofeedback and the DreamTime eXPerience.
Energy Dance
: Air Master Energy, Breathing, Poses and Movements.
Recapitulation of the past and the future. Exiting the Mind Stream.
Tensegrity : Intent Series Part 3 – Gathering Energy for Intent.
Chi Kung : Group Energy Mandala and the World Link Meditation.
Tai Chi : Celestial Energy Circulation. Left and Right Loops.
Inner Silence Meditation +++ Universal HandShake Ritual.

Celestial Circulation

Mandala Bead Games in Second Life - Map
Second Life XP
Second Life eXPerience
Neurofeeback Transformation
The Mind Connection
Energy Alchemy Mystery
Second Life Clips
Energy Dance in Second Life Clip
DreamTime eXPerience Clips - Part 1