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Summer Solstice Celebration
Second Life
Wednesday 6-21-2006 --- 1:00 + 8:00 PM PST
Mandala Bead Games in Second Life
Mandala Temple
eXPerience the Magic, Myth and Mystery of the Mandala Bead Games in Second Life
Welcome to the
Summer Solstice
Celebration at

Inner Life -

Following the happening
there is time to dream and chat about the Mandala Bead Games Project and the Inner Life Project in Second Life
MindXP Performers
Don Renaro
(Carlos Tapioca)
Paul Cohen
(Komuso Tokugawa)
Rene Janssen (Caprillo Asturias)
Berto Aussems (Hiram Yoshiro)

Members of the Mandala Bead Games Group or the InnerLife Tavarua Group can contribute to the Celebration Program
Contact Carlos Tapioca if you want to present something
DreamTime Awakening
Mandala Group
Mandala Bead Games eXPerience
We invite you to share in the eXPerience of our Games
Click on the beads and sense the Energy Alchemy Mystery
Multi Player MindXP Performance
MindSurfer Neuro-feedback in the Mandala Games
Shaman Drum and Dance Session
Celebration of the Solstice at the Aztec Temple
Mandala Mystery Movies in SL
RL + SL Integration : Surfing the Third Wave