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Water Master Mandala
Sexual Energy Alchemy
Mandala Bead Games
Silence your mind and direct your attention to your body, breating, sensing. See, hear, feel, taste and smell the energy fields within you and around you.
Open your senses and use your breating to exchange energy with everything
you become aware of. Dissolve into this magical multi sensual experience.

Multi Orgasmic Transformation of the Energy Body.
Stimulate your self and/or each other to a state of sexual arousal.
Navigate to the edge of orgasm. Relax and release the orgasmic energy
in the Celestial Circulation. Become aware of the flow of energy in your
energy body. Feel the energy vibrating in your genitals and spiraling up along your spine, trough your head and down on your front, back to your genitals. Feel it streaming trough your arms and your legs. Feel it emanating from the chakras in your belly, heart and head. Connect with the cosmic energy fields.
Exchange energy with your partner. When the intensity diminishes, restart the stimulation. Prevent the release of your energy in a normal peak orgasm.

Surf on the waves of cosmic energy, vibrating trough your energy body.
eXPerience the transformation of sexual energy into joy, ecstasy, wisdom,
compassion, awareness, being, healing, intuition, inspiration, here and now.

A powerful and practical approach to sexual energy alchemy
can be found in the Universal Tao work of Mantak Chia.
Celestial Energy Circulation
Cosmic Energy Connection
Celestial Energy Circulation