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Energy Alchemy Game
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Fire Master Mandala
Fire Energy Alchemy.

Transformation of the Energy Body.
Silence your mind. Be aware of the Celestial Circulation of energy
within your energy body. Direct your senses to the Spiritual Reality.

Restore your cosmic energy connections.
Visualize yourselves standing on the cosmic stage. Embedded in the
energy fields of Gaia, our Mother Earth. Surrounded by the powers
of the moons and the planets, spinning around the great luminous
being that is our sun. Connected to the energies of the stars -
eternally spiraling, in all directions - trough space and time.

We are truly living in heaven, vibrating in a universal energy field.
This Zero Point Field is the spacetime stage of the eternal dance of
the particles, constantly shifting in and out of existence, connecting
everything in a cosmic dance. A powerful and practical approach to
cosmic energy alchemy based on taoist wisdom, Kung Fu, Tai Chi,
Chi Kung and a lot of other transforming practices, can be found
in the Universal Tao work of master Mantak Chia.

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