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Water Master Mandala
Water Energy Alchemy.

Kundalini, Tantra and the Taoist Secrets of Love.
The integration of sexuality and meditation is a joyful and powerful path
to transform your life. Sexual energy starts to multiply and stream in the
celestial circulation, the main channels of chi within your energy body.
Jump to the Sexual Energy Alchemy page and find out how it works.
Sexual Energy Alchemy


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Energy Alchemy
DreamTime XP
Second Life

Creative Energy Alchemy and the Healing Arts.
Silence your mind and act on the flow of creativity comming from within.
Find inspiration in the world around you and in the human art database on the
internet. Surf the global jukebox of musical spheres and styles that trigger all
kinds of emotional, mental and spiritual states.
The paintings of Alex Grey and
other painters give us a glimps of how the Energetic Reality may look like.
Alex Grey Website
Multi Sense Awareness.
Silence your mind and direct your attention to your senses. See, hear, smell, taste and feel the living energy fields around and within you. Dissolve into the eXPerience. Become aware of the aliveness and the pressence of being in everything. Enter your senses and discover paradise.