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DreamTime eXPerience
Mandala Bead Games
DreamTime Interface and Technology.

Integration of Virtual Reality and Mind Technology.

The Mandala Bead Games DreamTime eXPeriences are based on the DreamTime Interface.
This interface integrates Brainwave Input and Virtual Reality Feedback. Together they make
a powerful Meditation and Attention Games and Training Instrument.

It opens new ways of interaction and communication between the Virtual Realities we create
within our Minds, and the Virtual Realities we create within
our computers, and on the internet.

The electric activity of the brain is scanned through a MindSurfer. Brainwave signals from
three sensors on the head are translated to Multi Media Interactions. For info on the MindSurfer hardware, software and games see the Mind Connection website. The DreamTime eXPerience can
be enhanced using Stereo 3D Glasses and NVidia Stereo 3D Drivers. From simple and
cheap Anaglyph Glasses to Shutter Glasses and Head Mounted Displays, for a brilliant
holographic eXPerience.
More info on our Stereo 3D Page. View an Anaglyph page -->

This Techno Shaman DreamTime Interface can be used to explore your Inner Life, and train
for desired states like Concentration, Balance, Peak eXPerience and Peak Performance States, Meditation, Dreaming Awake and the Awakened Mind (see the Anna Wise Center).
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