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Mandala Temple and Tunnel Dreams.

Element Masters take you to their Temples and Tunnels in the DreamTime
of the Mandala Bead Games. eXPerience the Elements and Awaken your Mind.

This are the first DreamTime Interface based eXPeriences.
They can help you to slow down, shift your attention to meditative
dreamlike states, and open the doors to your Inner Life.

Mandala Tunnel Dreams.

Like a fish in the water you swim trough Tunnels in the DreamTime.
Control the speed, shape and size with subtle shifts in your state.

Mandala Temple Dreams
In this Multi Media Meditation you discover the brainwave elements,
and learn to integrate them into the pattern of the Awakened Mind.

The Element Masters of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Alchemy,
transport your attention to the Mandala Temples in the DreamTime.
They show you how to animate the Mind Flowers and other objects.

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