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Gaia : Mother Earth Goddess Dreams.

Shamans tune in to and co create with Gaia, our Mother Earth Goddess.
Following their path, you can learn to enter the 'Natural State of Mind'.

is a DreamTime Interface based Nature Meditation.
Interactions are centered on controlling natural processes like
water, fire, flowers, butterflies and eagles, surfing in the air.

some screen shots of the GaiaDreamTime MindXP Game.
The images on the surface of the lake are based on shaman visions.
They mix and fade, and mirror subtle shifts in your eXPerience.
The butterflies land on the flowers, the fountain rises and the
fire burns high, when you reach the selected state of mind.
In the Middle you see the Element Master Brainwave Monitor
and the Totem Pole State Indicator. They mirror the full range
of MindXP signals and direct your attention to the desired states,
in the spectrum of the United States of eXPerience.
Below you see the Menu Cave where you preset the game.

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