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Earth Energy Alchemy.

Walkabout in the DreamTime of the Goddess.
Our Energy Body is embedded in the energy fields of Gaia, our living Mother Earth.
Take a walk on her surface and open your senses. Become aware of your connection
with the energies of the elements of earth, water, air and fire, and interact with the
energies of landscapes, mountains, rivers, seas, clouds, animals, plants and trees.
Click on the globe for some inspiring and transforming Nature Meditations.

Dreaming Awake : the Shaman eXPerience.
Shamans sometimes use magic plants (Psilocibin - Peyote - Ayahuaska)
as allies to transport their consciousness to a state of dreaming awake.
They see them as gifts from Gaia to trigger their spiritual awareness.
Visit Terance McKenna Land for more information.

Energy Dance : transforming energy trough magical movements.
The energy dance is based on the dance of the elements, Tai Chi, Chi Kung
and Tensegrity (a collection of magical passes taught by Carlos Castaneda).
View the Energy Dance Movie to get an impression.