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Breathing energy into your DreamTime Vision Quest.
We all have paranormal senses to perceive energy directly, as it vibrates in our energy body
and throughout the universe. We can all learn to Dream Awake and use our intent to access and create alternative realities.
Make them real. Let them materialize. To follow our dreams and integrate them in the real world. We can all practice the Dreaming Awake Meditation.

Research and develop your potentials in the DreamTime eXPerience.
The DreamTime eXPerience is based on Neuro-feedback, in a Virtual Reality environment.
Extensive coverage of this new transformation technology is on the DreamTime XP Pages.

DreamTime Awareness and DreamTime Awakening.
Dreaming awake is a state of being where the dreamer awakes
in his energy or dream body, and becomes aware of his energetic
and dreamlike interactions, with the universal fields of energy.

In this Magic, Myth and Mystery
state Miracles are normal.
Spiritual Healing Powers are accessible for everyone. There is
sense of Universal Intent, and its mysterious plans with our lives.


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