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Earth Master : Physical Intelligence.

The Earth Element is represented by the Element Master of Earth.
He or she is a practical man/woman, firmly grounded in the physical and economic reality.
He is a man of action and his energy and attention is focused in his belly.
His associated colors are red, orange and yellow.

He is likely to have preferences, affinities and qualities in the following fields :
Working – Making - Building – Gardening - Grounding - Materializing – Earning – Saving – Buying – Shopping - Business – Economy – Ecology – Body – Health - Sports - Security - Sex - Procreation.

His Vision Quest is to provide the necesary means to fulfill the material needs of humanity in a happy and healthy way. To do so he needs to learn the natural ways of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

We have to open our senses to become aware of the Mother Earth Goddess. This will inspire us
to adjust our actions, and change directions. We will learn to walk Her path of abundance, sharing, caring, love, harmony and beauty. We will restore the balance with all Her creatures, all our allies and relations, on our lovely planet earth. We will leave our toxic, spoiling, rapists dominator intent behind, and start a transforming, healing and ecstatic love affair with the Global Mother of All.

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