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Alchemy Master : Integrated Intelligence.

The Alchemy of the Qualities of the Elements is represented by the Master of Alchemy.
He is the Alchemist or Magister Ludi of the game. He transforms and integrates the energies
of all the elements. He bridges the energies and qualities of the Element Masters in his group.
He is a stimulator and motivator who triggers the potentials of the Masters of the Elements.
He seeks to guide them and unite them, in their shared intent to transform and transcend.
His associated color is white and all the colors of the rainbow contained in it.
He is likely to have preferences, affinities and qualities in the following fields :

Integrating – Synthesizing - Coordinating – Managing – Connecting – Inspiring -
Stimulating - Motivating - Initiating - Unifying - Presenting - Directing.

Everybody is connected to the energies of all elements. Everybody is the alchemist of the elements of his or her personal experience, in the eternal mystery of the here and now.
Earth, water, air and fire – economy, art, science and religion – body, hart, mind and soul – action, emotion, vision and intention – matter, time, space and energy - interact and integrate
in the mystery of our lives, and in the mystery of the Mandala Bead Games.
If we silence our mind, we can sense a Universal Intent, that guides us trough signs, intuitions, dreams and visions to the right place, at the right time, with the right people, in the right state,
to transform and transcend, and to fulfill our personal and collective vision quest.

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