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Water Master : Emotional Intelligence.

The Water Element is represented by the Element Master of Water.
He or she is a sensitive being with a social and emotional intelligence.
He has access to a rich spectrum of intense feelings and experiences.
His energy and attention is focused on his hart and his senses.
His associated colors are green and cyan.

He is likely to have preferences, affinities and qualities in the following fields :
Feeling – Dreaming – Sensing – Creating – Caring – Loving – Sharing – Hugging -
Embracing - Enjoying – eXPeriencing - Vibrating - Resonating - Participating.

He or she may have a number of artistic talents, ranging from the art of life itself, to painting,
drawing, sculpting, designing, performing, acting, dancing, playing and composing music etc.
He might also be involved in the applied arts and crafts, or industrial design.

His or her Vision Quest is to transform pain and suffering into joy, happiness and ecstasy.
His love and compassion drives him to connect with people. He is firmly rooted in family, groups, the tribe/clan and the brotherhood of man.

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