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Fire Master : Spiritual Intelligence.

The Fire Element is represented by the Element Master of Fire.
He or she lives in a Spiritual Reality and is inspired by a sense of Universal Intend.
He has a Spiritual Intelligence, and is more or less detached from the common sense,
and normal human affairs. He mostly lives a rather solitary, hermit like life, or joins a
spiritual community as a monk or initiate.
His associated color is magenta.

He is likely to have preferences, affinities and qualities in the following fields :
Being – Intending – Spiritualizing – Meditating – Healing – Transforming – Transcending.

His energy and attention is focused on his crown and his mystic and mythic eXperiences.
His Vision Quest is directed towards the transformation of the personal to the universal.

He learns to silence his mind, and to develop a personal connection with the Great Spirit.
He tunes his instruments to the cosmic symphony, and invites the Universal Intend to play.
He is surfing the boundless sea of synchronicity, and becomes a navigator of infinity.

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