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Air Master : Mental Intelligence.

The Air Element is represented by the Element Master of Air.
He or she is a man of knowledge, a thinker and a dreamer, who lives in the virtual reality
of his personal mind, and its constant interaction, with the collective mind of mankind.
He is a mental and cerebral being, with rational, logic, and scientific talents and inteligence.
His energy and attention is focused on his head and his visions, ideas, thoughts and theories.
His associated color is blue.

He is likely to have preferences, affinities and qualities in the following fields :
Learning - Studying - Reading - Writing - Thinking – Visualizing – Virtualizing - Remembering – Knowing - Programming - Structuring – Calculating - Verbalizing – Interpreting – Formulizing – Abstracting – Dividing.

His Vision Quest is directed towards the transformation of the rational to the visionary.
He knows that his best ideas are inspired by a source beyond the rational, in moments of
silence and deep relaxation. He learns to transcend his addiction to translate everything
in to language and models, and starts to be and live in the mystery.

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