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Element Masters and Bead Game Groups.

The Element Masters of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Alchemy are a mythical collection of
characters in the Mandala Bead Games, who are represented in the real world by real people.
See the Element Master Game. They will be transformed and used in SL as five basic avatars
or characters to become, in the evolvement of the Mandala Bead Games within Second Life.

Every element master has his own personality – character – qualities – preferences – behaviors - outfits – requisites – attributes - animations – gestures – contributions. They transform trough interaction with each other and building strong multi talented Mandala Bead Game Groups.
Together they direct the actions in the games, and reach their personal and collective goals.
Its a natural and universal approach to the human typology, and our social interaction – communication - cooperation – transformation quest. It is a healing process where our multiple personalities can learn from each other – make peace, and merge into the hero with the thousand faces, hidden within each of us. Use the Element Master Mandala to find your Personal Profile.

Feel free to share the Mandala Bead Games story with everyone in Second Life and in Real Life.
If you want to participate in the Mandala Bead Games Projects in SL in any way, please join the Mandala Bead Games Group and contact Carlos Tapioca in Second Life, or email to Don Renaro.

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