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Mandala Bead Games Energy Dance.

The Mandala Bead Games Energy Dance transforms the flow of energy in the body.
Every Element Master has his personal set of steps. They are based on Tensegrity.
This is a collection of magical energy movements from the neo shaman circles initiated by
Carlos Castaneda. His book on the Art of Dreaming is a visionary guide to our TechnoShaman SecondLife DreamTime LifeStyle.
Other sources are Tai Chi, Chi Kung and the Universal Tao.

You can eXPerience the four basic Element Master Poses and some of their combinations,
as well as their integration in the Master of Alchemy Animation, at the Mandala Temple in SL.
They are practical and physical Energy Alchemy Movements that should also be done in RL !!!
You can integrate them into your daily life and learn to use them to tune in to Inner Silence -
switch of your mind – and become aware of your body and senses, and the
vibrations of the universal energy fields, within you and around you.

The Element Master Chakras and a Rainbow Aura visualize the
effects of the exercises on the energy body while you do them.
Read the Element Energies and Element Master Auras page,
and see the Mandala Mystery Movies in Second Life to envision.

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