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Element Energies and Element Master Auras.

The Energy Bodies or Auras of Mandala Bead Game Players in Second Life, consist of five animated colored light spheres – chackras – elements – bio signal mirrors – state indicators.
Four smaller spheres are placed in the centers of the elements within the body (belly, hart,
head and crown). The fifth sphere surrounds the whole avatar. It reflects the alchemy of the four basic energies - elements – bio signals (beta, alpha, theta and delta waves). A number of attention training protocols
are available to help you to shift the attention in desired directions, and enter specific States and Spheres, in the spectrum of the United States of eXPerience.

The animation of the aura mirrors the state shifting process of the player. It reflects any combination of intensities of the four basic elements. The Element Masters of Earth, Water,
Air, Fire have a specific energetic dominance in their favored element. This is their quality
or talent, and at the same time their handicap. They need each other
to become aware of the totality of the human being, and work and
play together to develop this totality within them selves.

Play the Element Master Game and the Energy Alchemy Game
to taste the different energies and qualities of the elements.

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