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Biofeedback eXPerience in Second Life.

The Inner Life Project is based on the integration of biofeedback devices in SL.

We work with the LightStone device from the
Journey to the Wild Divine game
(Skin Conductancy and Heartbeat) and the MindSurfer device (Brainwaves) from
the Mind Connection. Read more about the MindXP on the DreamTime XP Pages.
We are implementing the BioXP (Skin + Heart + Mind) in the Mandala Games.

Participants will be able to enjoy enriching and transforming Inner Life eXPeriences.
We are planning to create a lot of entertaining, educational, transformational, beautiful
and fascinating biometric signal interactions, integrated in every game that we develop,
and scattered throughout the Magic, Myth and Mystery of Second Life.

The intensity of the Second Life eXPerience can be transformed by the use of biometric interfaces and biosignal
interaction. Biofeedback devices offer a playful way to train our bodies, harts and minds, while enjoying and enriching
the Magic, the Myth and the Mystery of our Second Life DreamTime eXPerience, as well as our Real Life eXPerience.

They will help us to awaken our sense of lucid dreaming in SL and in our Real Life. We are liberating our imagination
and learning to Dream Awake, and make our highest and most inspired dreams come trough. We will heighten our sense
of being aware and being there, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We will enhance the subtlety of our expressions
and communications. We will grow closer together, in the most amazing and world wide vision quest, into the revelation
of the Dream Time, and the rebirth of the Dream Age on our lovely and beautiful Mother Earth.

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